RJ Miller Building Professional's commercial building inspection, estimating, and design services are dedicated to promoting good building practices, managing risks, and providing financial benefit. High quality commercial inspection services means successful outcomes for our clients who are searching for dependable information presented in professionally formatted reports. Serving Newfoundland and Labrador.

Property Condition Assessment

For commercial properties from $1M to $2M, and smaller buildings where additional financial consideration is required, following ASTM E2018, Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments. Inspections of the subject property assess the building systems and condition in order to better understand the condition of the building and how its performance may impact the financial performance of the asset. The report includes an Immediate Repairs and Replacement Reserve tables.

Deficiency Inspections

For commercial properties from $500K to $1M, and building managers conducting annual reviews, that require a cost effective investigation of the buildings condition, without end of life and budgeting analysis. Inspections of the subject property assess the building systems and components with the objective of identifying defects, deficiencies, damage, missing components, or other conditions that can impair the function of the item.

Progress Reporting

Contract services for on-site progress reporting, site meetings, and completion lists.

Elemental Cost Analysis

Standardized presentation of the breakdown of construction costs including material costs, labour costs, and contractor overhead. This is typically used for cost analysis and cost planning at the initial planning phase of a new project, and later when evaluating the cost of various design elements. Estimates carry elemental notation using the CIQS measurement and pricing method, and they are available based on gross building costs (representative examples), composite unit rates (elemental costs), and current market prices (sub-trade breakdown).

Construction Estimating

Labour and material estimating for specialized sub-trades. We are currently engaged in a long-term project and not accepting other related work.

Project Management & Coordination

Planning, design, and oversight of small scale commercial building projects that may have been under consideration for an owner-led project. The focus of management and coordination is economical assistance with managing a project's time and cost, while maintaining acceptable quality and building requirements.

NBCC & NFPA LSC 101 Review

National Building Code of Canada and National Fire Protection Association — Life Safety Code 101 reviews for institutions, existing construction for pre-design consideration, and code interpretation where expert opinion or consultation is required.

Submittal Preparation & Review

Review of entrance, storefront, and curtain wall drawings and specifications including: 08 41 13, aluminum framed entrances and storefronts; 08 44 13, curtain wall and glazed assemblies; 08 51 13, aluminum windows; and 08 81 00 glass glazing. Small project aluminum frame and glazing shop drawings for engineering review and submittals.

Small Project Designs

Drafting and design services for small commercial projections including minor extensions, interior renovations, tenant improvements, outbuildings, etc.