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What You'll Find Here

This section of the web site is dedicated promoting good building design, as well as showcasing some of our custom home designs. Many of the drawings address specific areas where best practices tend not to be followed, important concepts are often misunderstood, building codes are difficult to understand, or to specifically answer questions sent in by our visitors.

Lasting Desire

RJ Miller Building Professionals provides design services for custom homes, including extensions and renovations, as well as commercial drafting services. Our mission is to provide the best quality home designs that do not sacrifice performance and durability to achieve a desirable form.

Architectural Drawings

Definition of Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings refer to the practice of drafting, which is partly artistic but mainly a function of building science. The drawings must convey the overall appearance of a structure while establishing the type of construction, overall geometry of the building, dimensions of the components, the relationship and interaction between building materials, and address technical requirements. Drawings are used for a variety of different purposes such as conceptual design, "as-built" (also known as "record"), and working drawings. These drawings are further divided into a number of types: site plan; elevations; plans (colloquially, "floor plans"); sections; details; axonometric projections (most commonly isometric); and schedules (tabular data).


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