Finding the Best Home Inspector

Home Inspector Advice from RBC, BBB, and Others

Although there was good advice offered by several industry associations, the purpose of this page was to provide a non-partial comparison. Therefore, the suggestions presented here are limited to 3rd parties, and are the best examples of advice for finding and selecting a residential home inspector. It is important to note that, although each article made good suggestions, none were comprehensive and it was necessary to prepare this aggregate summary.

  1. Finding and Choosing a Home Inspector, RBC Royal Bank
  2. How to Hire a Home Inspector, Better Business Bureau
  3. 4 Tips for Finding the Best Home Inspector, MSN Real Estate
  4. Finding a Good Home Inspector,
  5. Home Inspection, Angies List
  6. Home Inspector: Find the Best Home Inspector, My Mortgage Insider

Also worth consideration...

By all means, please do your own research, and, please do not hesitate to contact RJ Miller with any questions you may have.

Why Is RJ Miller Building Professionals Better

Summary of Qualifications and Services:

Comparing RJ Miller Building Professionals to the Recommendations

Here is a complete list of RJ Miller Building Professional home inspection features and qualification compared to several online sources of advice (Google search).

RJ Miller vs. Home Inspector Advice
Advice Comments RBC BBB MSN Realtor Angies MMI
Belong to professional organization?



Educated in field?

Graduate, Architectural Engineering Technology


Professional Technologist, AETTNL

Full-time inspector? Yes X         X
References available? Clients love our work.
We have plenty of reviews on various social media sites.
Provides written report?


Also, see "narrative-style report" next.

X     X    
Provides narrative-style report?


Reports include these important, often lacking, features:

Written summary of findings (a check list is insufficient), appendix of instrument logs, recommendations on means and methods to resolve problems (as appropriate and qualified to state)

Provides sufficient time?

Between two and four hours for a typical home, sometimes longer, plus additional time to compile the report. One hour per thousand square feet is average. (Note: this is why reports are not generated on-site immediately following an inspection: a clear sign the report is insufficient.)

Additional storeys, crawl spaces, extra mechanical equipment, apartments, and large houses will increase this time.

3h     2-3h    
Limitation of liability?

Limitations are set forth in the terms and conditions of the contract. In summary, the following features are excluded: air quality, water quality, buried objects, hidden objects, and hazardous materials.

Familiar building type? This will depend on the building to be inspected.   X        
Residential or commercial? The majority of inspections will be residential.   X        
Can client attend? Yes, absolutely. This is an invaluable experience.   X X X X X
Has E&O insurance? Yes. Sovereign General policy number TEO79837429   X X   X  
Provides guarantee? Inspection performance is covered with a full warranty.   X X      
More qualifications than licence?

Yes, please see my education and assocations above.

(Note: Unfortunately NL does not have legislation requiring home inspectors to be licensed.)

    X   X  
Available to discuss questions? Yes.     X      
Has a professional bio available? This needs some work.     X      
Sample report available? Yes. See Sample Inspection Report for details.     X      
Years in residential construction? Six.       X    
Years in residential inspections?


(Note: please feel welcome to discuss my full list of qualifications. I thank you for your interest in this new enterprise.)

      X 3-5y  
Offers repairs or improvements?


(Note: This is a serious red flag. Providing these services, or even recommending other firms, is a potential conflict of interest.)

Available to discuss results? Yes.         X  
Affiliated with franchise? No.           X