Home Inspection Services

The Right Inspection for the Job

Straightforward, precise, and unbiased, RJ Miller home inspections are a valuable resource to protect clients and their property investment.

A brief description is available for each inspection type with links to a more detailed page.

Note: pre-purchase, pre-sale, and maintenance inspections follow the exact same stringent criteria.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Home inspections are an essential component to new home purchases. This inspection will provide valuable information on the need for maintenance and help avoid costly repairs. You will better understand the condition of the house, enabling you to make confident decisions. <...read more>

Pre-Sale Inspection

These inspections are conducted to the same exacting standards as a pre-purchase inspection. Complete home inspections prior to conditional offers enables the seller to address issues in advance. This may avoid potential deal breakers, delays, or reduced offers. Providing copies of this report to potential buyers may provide an additional incentive.

New Home Warranty Inspection

Typical new home warranties offer their clients a 7-year limited home warranty based on the start date recorded on the Certificate of Possession signed by owner and builder. Owners receive a 7-Year Warranty Certificate that is automatically transferable. Limitations due to owner supplied work, materials, and equipment, as well as improper maintenance, may be avoided with this inspection.

New Construction Inspection

Inspections are conducted at predefined stages to ensure the conditions of the contract, applicable building codes, and manufacturer's specifications are satisfied. This service protects the contract from costly warranty work, and the home owner from unsatisfactory conditions.

Component Inspection

Inspections may be limited to specific components or systems, enabling the home owner to informed decisions before engaging in maintenance or repairs. Roof inspections, mechanical equipment, fenestration are a popular request for this type of service.

Maintenance Inspection

These inspections are conducted to the same exacting standards as a pre-purchase inspection. You will better understand the condition of your home, enabling you to make informed decisions, and ensure new home warranties are not limited due to improper maintenance by the home owner.


Next Steps

  1. Make Offers subject to a successful home inspection.
  2. Phone/text (709) 690-0696 or send a message using this form.
  3. Listed Sales: Inform your agent you have selected an inspector. Private Sales: Arrange entry to the property.