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CSA A770 Compliant Home Inspections

CSA A770 is a Canadian standard for home inspections developed by CSA Group (CSA). This standard was created through the consensus of home inspectors, regulators, technical specialists, and consumer agencies. A770 defines the requirements for proper inspections, and encourages consistency, improves service quality, and builds consumer protection. RJ Miller Building Professionals attests that, as of June 2016, all its home inspection reports comply with all applicable standards set out in the standards of practice by Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors and has conducted a review of its reporting practices to verify conformance with CAN/CSA A770-16 - Home Inspection.


Using Psychrometric Data to Locate Condensation Risk


Condensation is the process by which moisture forms on surfaces. This occurs when air that is fully saturated with moisture is cooled and the excess moisture condenses on a surface. This happens because, as saturated air cools, its ability to hold moisture is reduced. This is most commonly found on interior surfaces of building exteriors that are in excessively humid, or moist, environments. The greater the frequency and quantity of condensation, the greater the risk to indoor air quality and building structure.


Maintenance Home Inspection Inspection

A maintenance inspection is another name for a home inspection. It is conducted to the same exacting standards as a pre-purchase or pre-sale home inspection. A pre-purchase home inspection primarily visual, non-destructive examination of the condition of a home. This is typically performed as a condition made in an offer to purchase a property.


Pre-Sale Inspection

Pre-Sale home inspections are conducted to the same exacting standards as per-purchase home inspections. The pre-sale home inspection offers significant advantages by enabling the seller to address issues in advance. This may avoid potential deal breakers, delays, or reduced offers. In addition, providing copies of this report to potential buyers may provide an additional incentive.