Photography Gallery
Photography Gallery

A Gallery of Special Photos

If I took your photo by chance encounter, you can find it under I Took Your Picture.

Private shoots and special photos are also kept here, however you must login to make them visible.

St. John's Camera 35
St. John's Camera 35
My photos taken on outings or for submissions to the St. John's Photography Club. These photos are not endorsed by the club. Please visit for the official club web site.
Love Newfoundland
Love Newfoundland
Collections of photos from my favourite places around the province, mostly taken on rides. There are some duplicates under NL Adventure Rider.
RJ Miller Building Professionals

RJ Miller -- I Shoot Little Cameras: Please find my photography in the gallery or try browsing my best rated images or various other search settings.

Family and Friends: Many times, I have toyed with building a photo gallery site. This was pre-Facebook, Snapchat, iPhoto Cloud, Flickr, Instagram, and every other social media photo sharing platform ever imagined. Maybe I was a little ahead of my time (in the 90's, my friends all questioned why anyone would want to share their photos publicly) but it had some uses back then. Now, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have more than filled those needs, but there is still a use, for me, to have a personal gallery for casual snaps. Here they are.

Go ahead, flip through some photos: laugh at my worst, share your thoughts, and most important of all, enjoy some photography... and some everyday snaps. You can view photos by browsing the albums listed on this page, viewing the best rated images, searching by things like the title, or by photographic style using tags.

P.S. Create your own account to see all photos and to leave comments.

Abstract Photography 2 elements
Action Camera 6 elements
Adventure Riding 387 elements
Architectural Photography 112 elements
Beauty Photography 8 elements
Black & White 3 elements
Camera Phone 157 elements
Cityscape Photography 27 elements
Close Up Photography 7 elements
Experimental Photography 1 element
Fashion Photography 4 elements
HDR Photography 1 element
I Took Your Picture 34 elements
Landscape Photography 181 elements
Lifestyle Photography 20 elements
Lighthouse 33 elements
Logo 1 element
Long Exposure 1 element
Nature Photography 9 elements
Newborn Photography 13 elements
Night Photography 20 elements
Panoramic Photography 5 elements
Photo Stream 9 elements
Photojournalism 7 elements
Portraiture 212 elements
Resettled Town 2 elements
Routes 2 elements
Seascape Photography 37 elements
Still Life Photography 2 elements
Street Photography 25 elements
Travel Photography 70 elements
Wedding Photography 4 elements
Wildlife Photography 9 elements
Worldwide Photowalk 2 elements
Greg Pike - Sunday 25 February 2018
Great concept here. Love it.
Greg Pike - Sunday 25 February 2018
Greg Pike - Sunday 25 February 2018
Love this shot! Great job Ashley & Rob.
Karenfsquires - Sunday 20 August 2017
I like this one too
Karenfsquires - Sunday 20 August 2017
I like this one