Maintenance Home Inspection Inspection

What is a Maintenance Inspection

These inspections are performed to the same high reporting standards of a pre-purchase or pre-sale home inspection. However, they are often more in-depth due to their limited scope and specific interest. Depending on the system inspected, additional time consuming steps may be taken to determine, not only the operation of, but the efficiency and estimated useful life remaining. As a result, maintenance inspections are particularly useful when determine when repair, replacement, or no action, is required, as well as determining if the advice given by other contractors is reliable.

The result of the inspection is a written report in a narrative-style with photographs, illustrations, and recommendations. It may be reviewed in person, as required.

What are the Benefits of a Maintenance Inspection

Maintenance inspections are the basis for a well manage home maintenance plan. It defines priorities and highlights deficiencies while providing recommendations on repairs as well as preventative maintenance. This will extend the useful life of many home components and present an additional value at the time of sale.

By create written documentation of your maintenance activities, owners may demonstrate the fulfillment of obligations as required by new home warranties.

What Types of Maintenance Inspections Are Available

  • structural components;
  • wall cladding, flashing, and trim;
  • exterior doors and windows;
  • decks, balconies, steps, porches;
  • garage doors, and garage door operators;
  • roof systems:
    • roof coverings;
    • roof drainage systems;
    • flashing;
    • skylights;
    • chimneys; and
    • roof penetrations
  • water heating equipment;
  • water heating equipment fuel storage and fuel distribution systems;
  • fuel storage and fuel distribution systems;
  • drainage sumps, sump pumps, and related piping;
  • electrical systems;
  • heating systems;
  • fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances;
  • air conditioning systems; and
  • mechanical and natural ventilation systems