home inspection

Reporting Conditions, Deficiencies, and Upgrades

Home inspection reports include a great deal of information intended to serve many purposes. Reviewing the many purposes a home inspection serves, it becomes clear that information contained within falls under many categories. For simplicity, we tend to identify them as conditions, deficiencies, and upgrades. Using the three car tires analogy, and reviewing real-life examples, this blog entry explains the difference and relationship between each.


Insurability and Inspections

Insurability is the ease of obtaining coverage for a property at a rate similar to the market average. Insurance companies assess every risk they are considering coverage to determine their willingness to assume the risk and at what rate. Insurance underwriter and broker risk assignments are proprietary information, also known as a trade secret, and their decision making process may change without notice. If a property has poor insurability according to one underwriter, a consumer may ask what other underwriters a broker negotiates insurance for compensation, or continue shopping with other insurance brokers.